My Favorite Photo Apps

These days, the final photo or video is only as good as the editing app or software used to produce the final image. Following is a review to select My Favorite photo editing software-apps.

Android Photo Apps

Some Photo Editing Apps currently popular in 2020 for Android are:

  • Prisma: The strangest thing is, Prisma was not originally designed for photo editing. But it can help develop stunning customized images. It can access a wide range of stylish filters, graphic artworks and bright algorithms that can execute each editing job surprisingly well. It has more than 800 modern art filters, unbelievable photo effects and can turn photos into art. It can develop artistic images. But it is not a true editing platform and the finer tools of editing are missing. It is free or prepaid.
  • Pixlr: This app has over two million combinations of free effects, overlays and filters. It can stylize images to give looks that resemble an ink sketch, a poster and even a pencil drawing. It can not only stylize external images, but can make selfies beautiful. It comes with both free and paid versions. But it is difficult to learn and use for beginners, who will need training to use it.
  • Facetune: This app is particularly suited for Portrait and Selfie editing. It can be used for iPhone as well as Android, and is very popular over Instagram, Flickr and many more. It can replace Photoshop for Selfies, and do whatever Photoshop does on Portraits and Selfies. These include adding natural makeup, removing blemishes, re-shaping faces, blurring backgrounds, and adding textures. It can even brighten teeth. This is an advanced editing tool, but the subscription is quite expensive. It is not suitable for business applications. The basic package is free.
  • Aviary: Here is a very user-friendly photo editing app. Manual adjustments, such as, color temperatures, brightness, contrasts and saturation, are available on Touch Control (‘One Tap Auto Enhance’). It contains a lot of add-on cosmetic tools, stickers and advanced filters, for editing. Both free and paid versions are available, but the free version restricts customization.
  • Photomate R3: This is solely Android-compatible software that is coveted by Professional Photographers, but is very costly. JPEG images can be easily processed, along with raw data. Raw files like cr2, net, arw, rw2 can be decoded and edited. Clarity, Vibrancy, Lens-based adjustments are easily controlled, along with the standard Contrast, Exposure, Lights and Shadows.

iOS Photo Apps

The following Photo Editing Apps are especially suitable for iOS:

  • Photoshop Express: This is a wonderful app from the world famous Adobe Group, known for its classic interfaces and advanced editing tools. It can upload photos from Google Photos, Adobe CC, Dropbox, Facebook or suitable device. Color correction, Image Resize, Blemish removal, contrast, exposure and white balance can all be done by One Touch adjustments. Photos or collages created by this app are of studio caliber.
  • Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editing with this app is a pleasure, and it is equally comfortable on iOS and Android Platforms. Even more, it is available for free. It is an advanced Mobile Editing Tool that offers powerful advanced adjustments and corrections. It supports Photo sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram. It can save photos on Adobe Creative Cloud. But it is quite complicated for beginners.
  • PicsArt Photo Studio: This has awesome fonts, stickers and text, and can even edit videos. It can give professional eye-catching results, and can create ‘Animated GIFs’ to impress friends on social media. With a lot of pre-set filters, drawing tools, photo and video editors, it also has a collage maker that is almost professional in standard. It is free.
  • Enlight: This app gives control on geometric adjustments and localized image editing. It can blend effects seamlessly, and can create photo montages instantly.
  • VSCO: This is the best app for professional photographers, but is extremely costly and needs specialized training to use. Quick editing tools can create professional photos instantly.
  • FilterStorm Neue: Advanced settings are possible here for all editing tasks. Sharpening, watermarking, noise reduction and clarity effects come with this tool.

My #1 Favorite Photo App

Google Snapseed: This extraordinary software can be used equally on Android and iOS. Its versatility is legendary. It is powerful, yet easy to use. Its features include accurate control of Color, Exposure, Light, Focus, Depth of Field, and so on. Editing tools like Cropping, Rotating, and Straightening are just a touch away. Healing and Brushing are easy to achieve, as are Structure, Perspective and HDR. Media file formats are processed extremely fast. Though some beginners may find the interface a little awkward to start with, it is totally logical, and once mastered, almost intuitive to use. Finally, this software/app comes as completely FREE of any charge or cost. This MUST be My Favorite photo editing software-apps.