My Fav Music Sites/Apps

Music websites now play more than just music. They play news, podcasts, speeches and radio shows. Music websites stream more than 5 billion hours of music every year. While many prefer specialized, premium music websites for peaceful listening, the rest of the world still listens to music from free sources. Here are the best music websites in the world.


Pandora plays millions of pieces of music every year, entertaining people from all over the world. It analyses a person’s preference from thumps ups and thumbs down. The evaluation gained a lot of music listeners to visit the website often. It is known to have 8 billion likes for all the existing songs in Pandora right now. Every second, millions are listening through the website from different countries.


Spotify is a Swedish based company that got famous after its release in the US. Its popularity made people from all around the world use it in spite of its presence only in few countries. Hence, Spotify expanded its range to many developing countries. Everything from audiobooks to local music is available. The suggested music from Spotify is analyzed by the history of the user.

Google Play

Google Play is installed for Android users. Released in 2008, google play is used both online and offline. However, the in-app purchases made most of the users to use the offline app. The app is scanned daily for viruses due to consistent music downloads. Android is used all around the world in 190 countries, so is google play usage.

Yahoo Music

Yahoo music supposedly has millions of users play music every day on its website. Personalizing playlists and surfing new music is user-friendly in yahoo music. There are millions of people showing customer loyalty, interest in yahoo websites, where it is simpler and faster to browser comparatively.


The Germany based company, SoundCloud is a platform which makes every user feel like a community. It allows people to upload and share music. This encourages thousands of unknown talented artists to showcase their songs. It also has paid services, increasing the chances for people who are willing to highlight their music. It is amazing, how listeners and music creators come together on one platform. There is no doubt in SoundCloud being the best music website. Sometimes I throw it one when I am getting some Tinder swipes in.

Honorable Mentions

Other music websites have purchases or monthly subscriptions. Websites like, Last.FM, Tunein and Jango are few other websites often visited by users. Some best music apps have paid music, which is not something everyone is willing to use. There are a lot of illegal music downloads due to a lack of knowledge on free websites available. Being a music lover doesn’t have to ruin the artist’s work. Pandora is currently available only in the U.S and it is natural for people to use it with a VPN. As Pandora is an officially free website it can be used by anyone. Day Trotter, Hype Machine and NPR music are popular among music fanatics who are willing to explore music in different ways.

Now you have an idea of some music apps that I like to mess with. They are some of the apps you will find me using most often. I also use a lot of dating apps and have some opinions on the best hookup apps vs. the best ones for regular dating. You may see a post about my favorite dating apps coming soon so stay tuned. … Read the rest