Olympics Callout
13 March 2012

Olympic Stadium © London 2012 Press Office


With a huge police operation, thousands of troops, private security and new legal powers taking over parts of London during the upcoming Olympic & Paralympic games, the PHNAT campaign will be closely monitoring the experiences of photographers, both amateur and professional, around the events & sites.

We want to hear from you any experiences or incidents, positive or negative, that you’ve had photographing around the olympic site in the run up to or during the games, or otherwise in connection with the olympics (increased stops with olympics given as a reason etc).

Help us track the impact of London 2012 on press freedom & the right to photograph, share this page and if you or anyone you know has issues, please let us know. Email us at olympics@photographernotaterrorist.org *

* – Please note, we cannot give any form of legal advice regarding any incidents, we are just collating accounts.

More Reading: Olympic 2012 Security: Welcome to Lockdown London - The Guardian

Video: City Hall Flashmob
11 March 2012

On World Press Freedom Day 2011, photographers and PHNAT supporters converged on London’s City Hall  to highlight the harassment of photographers by security guards on privately owned but publicly accessible areas of London and hand our letter in to the Mayor. As well as the photographs and interview in the original article we want to share this video report of the action courtesy of Videojournalist Jason N Parkinson:

PHNAT Flashmob City Hall from Jason N. Parkinson on Vimeo.

Video: Stand your Ground
11 March 2012

A glimpse of attitudes to photography of many city security guards:

Video & text from the London Street Photography Festival.

On Tuesday 21 June 2011 six photographers were assigned different areas of the City to photograph. Some used tripods, some went hand held, one set up a 5 x 4.

All were instructed to keep to public land and photograph the area as they would on a normal day. The event aimed to test the policing of public and private space by private security firms and their reaction to photographers.

All six photographers were stopped on at least one occasion. Three encounters led to police intervention.

This is what happened.

Directed and Produced by Hannah White for the London Street Photography Festival
Edited by Stuart York

Many thanks to:

Tim Bowditch
Leona Chaliha
Ana Galanou
Michael Grieve
David Hoffman
Chris Ogilvie
Pennie Quinton
Liam Ricketts
Toby Smith
Grant Smith
Camilla Webster
Philip Wolmuth
Stuart York

Graham Mantle
27 August 2009


In 1961, Eisenhower warned of the “unwarranted influence” of the “military industrial complex”. He and Roosevelt believed fear was dangerous.
Thomas Jefferson said, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”. We are deprived of that vigilance if we cannot show a record.
If we must “prove”…”reasonable excuse” (s76), that presumption of guilt is a police state.
Roosevelt remarked, “When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on”.
With many ropes and many knots, we might help each other to hang on. Good luck to all.

Graham Mantle is a (tourist) Photographer, Not a Terrorist

Richard Budd
25 August 2009


Whilst it’s nice being a part of the digital era, I always love taking out the Polaroid camera for that low saturation blurred vintage look! Keep shooting and keep being creative, capture the moment with whatever you have to hand!

Richard Budd is a Photographer, Not a Terrorist.

Franck Julien
24 August 2009

not a terroros.jpg

I’m advertiser and photographer Based at Nîmes, France (south with warm & good wine). I love my jobs, it’s all my life.

Franck Julien is a Photographer, Not a Terrorist.

Tim Myers
24 August 2009


Big camera, big lens = terrorist. I walk around emblazoned with logos telling people how to get in touch with me, I hand them cards with my contact details on, yet I’m still regularly told that “you can’t take pictures ‘ere mate, I’ll call the police if you don’t stop it”

Tim Myers is a Photographer, not a Terrorist

Carlos E. Ovalle
22 August 2009

not a terrorist.JPG

In Chile we also have some paranoid at all this issue.
Stop harassing photographers, ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Carlos E. Ovalle is a Photographer, Not a Terrorist

Oliver Geils
22 August 2009


I have made this portrait in an effort to help the cause and protest against the ever tightening restrictions being imposed upon photographers nation wide.
I study Documentary Photography at Newport University, and am becoming increasingly worried about the measures the police are taking in order to maintain a hold over the public and strip photographers of one of the most candid forms of the medium.

Oliver Geils is a Photographer, Not a Terrorist

22 August 2009

jadikan-LP - not a terrorist.jpg

200s exposure time …

Jadikan is A Photographer, Not a Terrorist